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I haven’t posted a blog for a long time although I’ve considered many and started some. However, yesterday made me aware of something that needs sharing and is not just an opinion but an observation that is important for all of us to take to heart.

I had a doctor’s appointment Friday morning. I called to find if it could be handled via telephone and was told that I needed to come in. Muffin and I have been voluntarily self isolating for a week now, so I was hesitant to go out. I took strength from the fact that almost no one in our condo project was going out and I figured this would be true for the general region.

I left home and was surprised that while traffic was lighter than normal, it was far from sparse. The parking lot at the doctor’s office was busy but when I arrived at his reception counter, I was pleased to find I was the only one there and not the horde of hacking humanity that I expected. Luckily, the doctor was very proactive and prepared, so I actually enjoyed the appointment.

I had several stops to make on the way home to shore up needed supplies so Muffin and I could continue our isolation for however long needed. I found the shelves decimated due to the illogical hoarding of people, but I was able to get most of what was needed except for loaves of bread which were nowhere to be seen. The grocers have been saying there is no shortage in the supply line, so it appears people are still illogically hoarding.

What was most disturbing was that the stores were as crowded as any other day and while the checkout line had floor markers to distance shoppers from one another, they were being ignored. There was virtually no one wearing a mask although several people were wearing gloves of one kind or another.

That situation spawns this blog.

People: stay home unless you really must go shopping, then practice safe distancing. We see pictures on the news of empty streets in Toronto and assume that is life everywhere but in the GTA life is pretty much carrying on as normal. This must stop.

This pandemic spreads exponentially. Once it arrives, one case quickly becomes two, becomes 4 then 16, then 32 then 64, then 128 etc. all in about a week. It continues doubling every few days, so it doesn’t take long for an area with one case to have hundreds in the space of a couple of weeks. That is unless people practice isolation and distancing, so the virus has nowhere to go.

Canadians are known for caring about humanity and helping. This is our chance to help humanity in our own backyard by taking this virus issue seriously and heeding what our leaders are advising.

Isolate and if you MUST go out, distance yourself.


Hey … be safe out there.

Yours in the Zone



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