I Got Nothin’

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Am I lazy? Well, yes. Did I forget to write a Jones Zone last couple of weeks? No. I wrote three, all very provocative and insightful, but way too pedantic, pedagogical and pompous; which is to say boring, scholastic and self-important – just the thing I don’t want this blog to be. We should have fun and a laugh while discovering a new idea or two. All in simple to understand language.

The pieces I wrote were on yin and yang and how it can be a theological symbol of unity or singularity. Too preachy and boring. I wrote about being a procrastinator but I put off finishing it for a while. I wrote about women and how they really fit into civilization and society. WOW! How could I even start to get into that in five hundred words or so? I wrote about the what and why of the aboriginal situation in Canada and what to do about it. Too long and boring. I started to write about psychology. Who cares. I thought I’d set things straight about ISIS. Because of school, I tend to look at a situation like ISIS recruiting Western young adults and I don’t see the story being about the horror of our youth abandoning our beloved lifestyle. I see an early age group, still not mature in critical thinking, thirsting for a way to make a difference in this world and falling under the spell of a regressive ideology, thinking that different is better. No one would listen anyway.

I scan the news for something that yanks my chain. More ISIS, yawn. Amal Clooney has a stylist – who cares. Women are ditching thongs for granny-panties – well maybe until next week. Canada’s economy is in a tailspin – duhhhh. Pigeon arrested on ‘spying’ charges- WHAT? Is this what news has become? Political news is useless because spin doctors have wrung any discernable truth from their declarations.

So here I am with no inspiration for writing a piece that is breezy and entertaining. The closest I got to an entertaining happening this week was when Muffin took the garbage to the dumpsters at the park and snagged her foot on a rusty hanger and did a face plant. Luckily there was no one to see (other than the video surveillance) and she is OK, except for a bruised ego. Luckily she was quick enough to throw some carpet under herself as she went down. The video of the incident is trending on the park closed circuit TV system and she will be a star. Poor Muffin.

I’ll close off now. As I write, it’s raining harder than Billy-be-damned and on the sidewalk across the street I see a line of animals heading north, two by two. Perhaps I’d better get the hip waders out …

Yours in the Zone

© 2015 David Jones

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