Are You The Totally Different One?

I have just started reading a book written by my former Political Science professor and it’s spurred me on to finally blog again. I’ve taken pride over the years in that I could always predict the outcome of an election. Until recently I was correct but lately I’ve been wrong almost every time. This set me to wondering what was up. Yes, I was older and not as sharp (I hear your groans) and yes, the political mood has changed, but how and why had it changed? I was stymied for an explanation but an answer arose as I read my professor’s book which discusses and is titled ‘American Hegemony After the Great Recession. A Transformation in World Order’ (Tozzo, Palgrave Macmillan; 1st ed. 2018 edition (Oct. 20 2017)).  Yes, that’s a plug.

Here is my awakening in steam of consciousness (OK- unorganized) form:

For some time we have been displeased with the operation of our political system. It is supposed to serve the people but instead it serves those who govern and the fight to be the governing party has resulted in hardened partisanship resulting in gridlock in governing. (In the US bills never come to a vote, in Canada there are endless reviews and studies). Every party’s message always boils down to, “Those guys are corrupt idiots and only we can govern properly. You must elect us or the world will end.” Of course when the players change, the message remains the same. The only goal to being elected is to be first to gorge mightily at the public trough. The rhetoric and lip service of an election prove hollow after it’s over. During the term of office, the bare minimum is done for the people until just before the next election when withheld goodies and more promises magically spring up.

We are wise to this now though and many candidates have been elected promising to shun the pork-barrel, lobby group perk, gravy train that is government today. Once elected though, like an overweight person at a dessert buffet, they fall victim to the sweet gorge of the trough. At election time we are always presented with a choice between the devil we know and the devil we used to know who now wants to be elected to oust the current devil. We are frustrated. Enter the totally different candidate.

There have been totally different leaders in power for a long time (Muammar Gaddafi, Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un, Bashar al-Assad and don’t forget Hitler) but they have not been native to North America … until recently. Remember the good old days of George W? That was way back in what – 2008: ten years ago! We thought he was a joke; then along came the likes of Marion Barry (cocaine snorting mayor of Washington), crack smoking one man circus Rob Ford. What could be worse? Enter Donald Trump. How are all these idiots getting elected to leadership?

The answer that came to me is that electors are wise to the lip service and are frustrated having no real choice, so more and more people simply don’t vote. Those who do vote (including younger voters) are choosing the totally different candidates in protest. They are totally not a devil we ever knew. Rob Fords and Donald Trumps get elected as a signal from the voters that change is needed and if it doesn’t happen we will throw a wrench into the system. What happens when voters throw a wrench in the system (along with a few screwdrivers from elsewhere in the world)?

It’s safe to assume that Russia, through covert cyber conspiracy (hacking) had an effect on the American presidential election and they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. We must realize that they were only doing what America has been practicing for decades and turnabout is fair play – but the US got caught with their pants away down. The bonus for the hackers was the totally different candidate Donald Trump. In getting him nominated and (what???!!), getting him elected, Russia, China and North Korea all laughed and indeed, still are. Trump’s America First doctrine has nullified its status as a leader of the free world and Russia and China smell blood in the opportunity to vastly increase their world influence politically and economically.

America was a good world leader because they preached and fought for democracy, equality and economic development around the world. They protected trade routes to ensure the flow of goods. It made life good for the free world and for America. That is all in danger now.

The future is clear. We need a serious alternative to the trough gorging devils. We need leaders with vision, not just managers of protecting the gorge. Is there a person out there of the order of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with vision, a dream and the passion to foment the change we need? There must be. Where are you? Please step forward the world needs you.

Yours in the Zone



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4 Responses to Are You The Totally Different One?

  1. Diana Coloiera says:

    Well said, hoping someone will step forward. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and hopes.

  2. Robbie Bucci says:

    Your absolutely right!! It’s a total shit show!!

  3. Robbie Bucci says:

    Your absolutely right!! It’s a total shit show!!

  4. Robbie Bucci says:

    Your absolutely right!! It’s a total shit show!!

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