Been a Long Time

Wow! It was April 2017 when I last put out my blog. Time flies when your sight goes dim and blurry. I’m back to normal now though and ready to share my particular brand of… uh, wisdom.

My Facebook poll suggested there was enough interest by people to encourage me to share my ideas again. Now, in doing so, I am not saying I am seeing things the right way all the time but I am at least hoping to provide you with stimulation for thought. So if you disagree with me, then that’s fine. Feel free to tell me your thoughts or why I’m wrong. I love to know what you think.

I have so many things swimming in my head these days and they range from US politics (and you know who) to religion to many facets of society today. My plan is to put out my blog on a monthly basis and perform more topic research than before.

Please read it when it comes out and share it or forward it to your friends. My past blogs were running at about 200 plus readers on a weekly basis (and around the world even!!!) and it would be great to build back up to that level again.

Thanks for your encouragement. Look for The Jones Zone around the second week of February and every month.


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  1. Muffin says:

    Lets get started

  2. Muffin says:

    Lets get started

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