Hot Enough For Ya?

I am classed as a climate change denier although I readily admit it is happening. The reason is; I don’t think humanity is having the effect on climate that we think. Humanity is very arrogant and we see ourselves as the major force on the earth. This is wrong. Our power as creatures is dwarfed by nature. Some natural occurrence, be it volcanic action, earthquake or celestial collision, could totally wipe us out yet the earth would go on its merry way in some form in the universe.

If you take all the time that has passed since creation and translate it to a twenty-four hour clock, the earth as we know it has existed for a little more than an hour while humans have existed for about two minutes. During this period there has been at least five ice ages and at times the earth has been entirely ice free.

The age we are in now started about 14,000 years ago when the current ice pack began to melt. This corresponds to the migration waves of the First Nations peoples who spread through the interior of the Americas after crossing the land bridge in the Bering Strait or sailing along the edge of the ice pack from Asia to the Americas and settling at various places along the west coast. This same ice pack is now on its last legs and will probably disappear soon. Humanity will be forced to adapt by moving to higher ground and cooler climes or else adopting different skin (as our ancient ancestors did) in order to survive. Animals, such as the polar bear, will ‘disappear’, but over time will morph back into some kind of brown bear species from which they evolved.

As the plates/continents of the Earth shift with ocean currents and volcanic action changes, the climate will also change and eventually a new ice age will begin. Studies indicate that ice ages are slow to start and build but they end rapidly. Research has shown the temperature of the Earth has fluctuated about 15ºF over time. Today we panic because the average temperature has gone up one degree making for ‘the hottest summer on record’ which means since reliable records were first kept around 1914 (although amateur records have been kept for about 500 years). We figure humanity has the power to affect nature and cause this temperature increase but I don’t, so I am a ‘climate change denier’.

I gleaned the following info from the Internet which makes it suspect but I think it still basically demonstrates the contribution humans make to carbon dioxide production:

– The oceans contain 37,400 billion tons (GT) of suspended carbon dioxide

– Land biomass has 2000-3000 billion tones (GT)

– The atmosphere contains 720 billion tons (GT)

– Humans contribute only 6 – 40 billion tons (GT) additional to this balance.

The oceans, land and atmosphere exchange CO2 continuously so the additional load by humans is incredibly small. A small shift in the balance between oceans and air would cause a much more severe CO2 rise than anything we could produce. Human CO2 is a tiny % of CO2 emissions

So folks, if we all eliminated our CO2, climate change would still happen albeit maybe just a wee, tiny bit slower. By the time the next ice age comes, the mammalian period on Earth may well be over. If humans are still around, you can be sure they will be panicking about the temperature getting colder every year and water levels dropping and having anxiety how the brown bears will survive in the artic snow.

Let’s just relax, enjoy the world we live in and realize our puny meaning in the universe.

Yours in the Zone

© 2017 David Jones

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