Back in the Saddle

dreamstime_xs_21102054[1]People have asked when there will be another Jones Zone and here it is. I have actually put a lot of work into a blog the last two weeks but have decided to ditch it. Let’s just say I was depressed with having bad eyes and a bad knee that basically imprisoned me in the house with nothing to do. Took those two weeks to realize no one would care and to just get on with the chores. While I’ve been idle; the old mind has been churning, so let’s catch up.

Donald Trump: I don’t consider him the legitimate president. I believe there was Russian interference in the process and not necessarily so Trump won but quite possibly to just show they can cause havoc. That in concert with the dumbing down of America led to the election that happened. Trump is a dangerous president because he has no empathy, limited comprehension and is only concerned with wielding his big stick. He is the biggest bald–faced liar I have ever seen. He is also crass and uninformed as indicated when he said about changing healthcare, “Who knew it was so complicated.” Well, Mr. President; just about everyone knew after years of working on it. Sheesh. Hopefully the damage he does can be repaired. I’m sure the American people will figure out how this idiot got elected and correct things before the next election. His election will go down in political science history.

Kathleen Wynne: I had a feeling that they were dragging the bottom of the barrel when Wynne became leader of the Ontario Liberals. I’m sure school trustees have gone on to be effective leaders but after her handling of the education portfolio I was surprised she became leader but then, as evidenced by Dalton McGuinty’s leadership, the party is running on empty. I thought it fair to give her a chance but she has proven to be benighted about serving the people. The Liberal party has lost all credibility after the criminal gas plant cancellations by McGuinty (who ducked out rather than take the heat) and now Wynne has made a total hash of hydro in our province. In general, the provincial governments of McGuinty and Wynne; have mishandled Ornge, winter highway maintenance, highway construction and eHealth. Wynne should have cleaned up some of this mayhem but lacks the insight and leadership qualities. These profligate shambles have cost us billions of dollars and are indenturing our children and our children’s children.

The fly in the ointment here is that come the next election, there doesn’t appear to be any kind of alternative worth voting for. Patrick Brown has not set the world on fire and while I like Andrea Horwath, the ghost of the NDP government of Bob Rea still makes them unelectable.

The solution is for young people who will vigorously eschew blind party partisanship and the influence of lobbying to accept the well-paying public service role and actually serve the people. We need to encourage young people to seek public service at any level.

That’s enough for this time out. Lots more stuff bugging me but we’ll get to it next time.

Thanks for reading/ commenting and thanks for all the enquiries about my health while I was sidelined.

Yours in the Zone

© 2017 David Jones

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    I really likme looking through an article that will make people think.
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