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Hi again. When was the last time you went out to run errands? Did you distance? Were you nice to the stressed retail workers?

It seems people are not taking the virus situation seriously at all. Silly me; I stay home and assume everyone else is too because I see no one on my street. Then I hear stories of busy stores and empty shelves. People aren’t getting the message. Obviously, the Ontario government is not getting the message either. Their list of ‘essential’ services seems to include everything except hair salons and schools. The Canadian government is in slow reactive mode and is ‘really getting fed up’ with telling us to stay home … yet do next to nothing. Screening at airports has been highlighted as inadequate many times yet they still just greet you at the gate and ask how you feel, eh. Today, one of the flights repatriating Canadians arrived in Toronto and a passenger dropped dead hours after arrival. How did she get on the aircraft in the first place?

The Ontario government needs to seriously trim their list of essential businesses and make it allowable for workers to refuse working (with no penalty) if they deem it unsafe to do so. The Canadian government needs to support this and allow those people to access EI regardless of not being laid off. They also need better screening (temperature check guns?) at entry gates.

Leaders: Let’s be proactive and err on the side of caution. Slam the barn door closed instead of slowly closing it while all the horses run out.

And now for a patented Divination by Dave:

The current coronavirus crisis is highlighting the true capability of government leaders. Some are capable while others are, well … not. A perfect case of not, is Donald Trump. He managed to flim flam his way into office by tapping the power of the lesser cerebral television crazed citizens and those who would disregard ethics in order to gain power which then created the reality circus that is American politics today. His major personality disorder is glaringly obvious right now and there are volumes of evidence of his outright lies, refusal to acknowledge errors, self-aggrandization and seeing any criticism as persecution. Hopefully the electorate will wake up and solve this dangerous embarrassment in the coming election.

This brings me to my prognostications. Due to Trumps narcissism and entitlement, I expect he will want to postpone the November election for probably one year. He will justify this with the virus outbreak, but we know it will be because he wants time for the markets to recover and for people to forget what an unempathetic and out of touch ‘leader’ he is. Will the people allow such a thing? Normally I would say, ‘no’, but he seems to hold the unwashed masses and their representatives in thrall.

Now, if he manages to extend his reign of error, it is completely consistent for him to attempt punishing the Chinese for starting this pandemic. My crystal ball sees Trump’s careless rhetoric quickly becoming world war. The allies he has so consistently alienated over the last four years will be forced to stand with the US against the opposing Chinese, Russians, North Koreans and some Middle Eastern counties, in order to save democracy from totalitarianism.

We are now busy dealing with Covid-19 and trying to just get through tomorrow but, when it’s all over, probably by late summer or early fall, I ask you to see how clear my crystal ball actually is.

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